Oct 8, 2016
  |  W.A. Mozart - Requiem  |  

Production: The Stedelijk Koor Enschede (SKE: Municipal Choir Enschede), led by Armanda ten Brink will perfrom Mozart's Requiem. This dramatic masterpiece includes everything: souls who are almost swallowed up by hell, a Kyrie - fugue in which the choir begs for mercy and eternal light. Like no other Mozart manages to carry the listener on a roller coaster of emotions. The SKE also peforrms Psalm 42 by Mendelssohn -Bartholdy. With the cooperation of: Quatre Bouches and the Oost-Nederlands SymfonieorkestPart: Bauwien van der Meer: soprano, Petra Ehrismann, alto, Gerben Houba, tenor, Michel Poels, bas (Quatre Bouches) and with the cooporation of Tobias Klomp, tenor; Pascal Herter, baritone and Lïga Vilmane, organistDate: October 8 oktober 2016Time: 20:00Venue: Muziekcentrum De Wilmersberg Zaal, Wenninkgaarde 40-42, EnschedeFee: 24 euros, inclusding coffee or tea and drink during breakLinks: Quatre Bouches and Wilminktheater

Oct 9, 2016
  |  FusionKitchen  |  

Production: With the newest a cappella program Fusion Kitchen Quatre Bouches treats you on musical delights from around the world. On an imaginative way a link between food and music are established. In between texts of William Brakman and George Orwell are served. During the concert, the audience is treated to a selection of appetizers and drinks!Part: Bauwien van der Meer: soprano, Petra Ehrismann, alto, Gerben Houba, tenor, Michel Poels, bas (Quatre Bouches)Date: October 9 2016Time: 15:00Venue: The Waalse Kerk, Walenpleintje 157-159, AmsterdamFee: 30 eurosBooking: via e-mail post@quatrebouches.comLinks: Quatre Bouches and De Waalse Kerk

Oct 28, 2016
  |  Johannes Brahms - Ein Deutsches Requiem  |  

Production: The Utrechtse Oratorium Vereniging (UOV) (Utrecht Oratorio Society) performs Ein Deutsches Requiem by Johannes Brahms in the so-called London version, with piano à quatre mains. In this intimate composition, the text and the choir are prominent and the harmonies recognizable. Brahms composed this work not as a traditional Requiem Mass, a prayer for the souls of the deceased but as comforting music for all who mourn loved ones and are concerned about the finite nature of their existence. This song of consolation is sung a few days before All Souls' Day. Musical direction by Roel VogelPart: Bauwien van der Meer: soprano, Evert Jan Nagtegaal, baritone, Eric Noya and Wouter van Belle, piano à quatre mainsDate: October 28 2016Time: 20:15Venue: De Janskerk, Janskerkhof 26, UtrechtFee: 22,50 euro, <21 year or student: 15,00 eurosBooking: tickets: De literaire Boekhandel, Lijnmarkt 17, Utrecht and Plato, Voorstraat 35, Utrecht, via members of the UOV, via E-mail: or before the concert, at the entrance of the chruch, from 19.45Links: UOV